Martie Jeffers

 Veronica sold my house in Martin's Landing in Roswell in six days. She was extremely helpful with negotiating with three potential buyers and sold the house for the asking price. Her knowledge of Martin's Landing and the Roswell area was very valuable. The packet she put together with pictures  of the house and area was excellent. I would highly recommend Veronika to anyone in the area needing a real estate agent.

Jodie Brooks

 Veronika has listed and sold two of our homes. She demonstrated skills at all levels of contract negotiations. Keeps contracts on track for closings. Would not hesitate to hire her again.

Jim Wright

Veronika did an excellent job selling my home. She offered great advice to prepare the home for the market, and kept us informed in a very timely manner throughout the process. She advised and guided us all the way through the closing. I would highly recommend her.

David Topus and Deborah Bolger

 We are demanding customers - we expected a high level of service and responsiveness, as well as knowledge and guidance, from whoever we were going to list with. Veronika is very well known and regarded in the neighborhood, so she seemed like the best choice for us. We were delighted with her. She is a true professional. She was there for us every step along the way with good answers to tough questions. She also gave us excellent advice when it came to negotiating the deal. We recommend Veronika without hesitation to anyone wanting to buy or sell a house. She knows the area like the back of her hand, has a deep understanding of the real estate buy/sell process, and has terrific "people" skills. In our case, I'd have to say, terrific patience, too!

Maggie Patterson

 Veronika has an intangible understanding of the market we were selling in. She was relentless in marketing the home to all potential buyers, with consistent follow-up on all leads and communicating to us feedback from potential buyers. When we were blessed with multiple quality offers, Veronika's expertise enabled us to negotiate with potential buyers to get the best, most secure offer under contact and to the closing table.

Bryan Walls

 Veronika was very helpful in getting my house sold. She gave me good tips on things I could do to my house to get people more interested in it and helped me with all my questions as this was the first time I've sold a house. My house sold very quickly, 11 days after listing I think, and for a price  I was very happy with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in looking to buy or sell a home in the Martin's Landing area.

Aditi Pai

I had the good fortune to have Veronika help me find my new home recently and based on my experience I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a real estate professional. Prior to making the purchase, I found that Veronika paid careful attention to my needs, was very pro-active in identifying appropriate properties, and arranging visits. During the purchase is when I realized what an exemplary professional Veronika is. She gave me excellent advice at each step of the negotiation. To my surprise and delight, Veronika was as attentive after the sale. All in all, I have no hesitation is recommending Veronika for her exceptional skills as a real estate professional and just an all round great person!

Steve & Debra Palazzo

 Veronika was exceptional to work with. Her knowledge of the Martins Landing area is comprehensive and beyond compare. She diligently walked us through the process from pre-sale to closure. Veronika was always available for any questions or concerns that we had. Veronika always exhibits professionalism and we would recommend her to any serious sellers.

Jose & Luisa Barbosa

 Veronika has worked with us on several occasions, first helping on a rental selection, then on buying and last, but not least on selling the house. She was perfect and helpful in all cases. Our house sold very fast... and well. I would recommend her services with no doubt.

Daniel Vetter

 Veronika was a wonderful blessing to us. She took the time to work with us and sought to provide us with the help and advice we needed every step of the way, and ultimately helped us a get the house we wanted at a price we could afford! If you want a great real estate agent, look no further!

Ginger Hallam

 Veronica has an extensive knowledge of the market. She guided us in a quick sale of our home and I have no doubt she will find me my new home at the price I can afford.

Kevin Espinoza

(1) Which factors encouraged you to choose me to assist you with the sale of your house? We had such a good experience with you in our home purchase. Your professionalism and analytical skills impressed us most.
(2) How would you rate my marketing skills and implementation of my marketing strategies? Your marketing skills contributed, but I think the analytical work you put in before setting the price and staging advice helped most. How it contributed to you achieving your ultimate goal? It helped, but not the most important.
(3) If you were to recommend me to a colleague, friend, or business associate, how would you describe the way I provided my service to you (or, the way I helped you achieve your goals).
You were excellent. You made it about selling the house, not about making me feel good. By that I mean, you helped define the value of the home and not just what I felt I deserved out of it. The result was selling the house in a week, because it was priced appropriately.
(4) On the scale from 1 - 4, how would you rate the following: Timeliness? 4 Attention to detail? 4 Market knowledge? 4
(5) Is there anything you wish I would have done differently? I wanted a nicer sign in my yard, back to my feelings:-)

Edmond Quinton & Melissa Nadeau


Dear Veronika,

How can we ever thank you enough? First, you helped us find the house, and then walked us through the buying process, and how you have helped us warm our house. Thank you!  Sincerely, Melissa & Edmond.

Dasha Treinis

" It’s a real pleasure to work with Veronika. She always listens to her client’s needs and works hard to help them to achieve their goals. Her negotiation skills are amazing! I highly recommend Veronika as listing agent. She is  best in Atlanta!” 

Robert Bayley

"Veronika is one of the most conscientious and hard-working professionals that I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She brings her "thinking outside-the-box" perspective to every project which she undertakes."

Mark Grinshpon

"The best thing that happened to us when we decided to buy a house (first-time buyers) was meeting Veronika and working with her as our agent. In fact, Veronika was the one doing all the work, taking care of everything, while we enjoyed the results of her efforts. Add her very nice personality -- it doesn't get any better than that. She made buying our first house absolutely painless and pleasurable. From a buyer's perspective -- Veronika Barash is the best real estate agent out there.” Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

James and Lesley Wallace

We highly recommend Veronika Barash as a local realtor and as a relocation expert. She will not disappoint you and you will be "in good hands". Her expertise in real estate, contracts, and all aspects of the buying process is invaluable. Veronika fully represents her clients from the commencement of your search until the signing of your closing documents. My husband and I were selling our home in Ohio and purchasing a home in Georgia simultaneously. Asserting it was stressful, is an understatement! We did not know that home purchases were done through attorneys in Georgia unlike the state of Ohio that uses title companies. Veronika made us aware of this and kept us abreast of the proper documents needed by both states throughout the transaction. Since she is such a consummate professional, she caught contractual errors with the builder and HUD Statement itemization errors. The relocation was one of the most stressful times of our lives but it was comforting to know that we could trust her representation with purchase of our new dream home. Thanks to Veronika we are now blissful residents of the state of Georgia. 
James and Lesley

Linda Russell

Veronika was very professional and keyed in on the details.
She gave me excellent advice on repairing and staging my home for quick sale, as well as guiding me through the negotiation process to a positive conclusion.

Mark & Erin Elwood

The best thing about Veronika was from the moment we met her at an open house was that we felt that she was very honest. Nothing fake about her, she was upfront and about everything and blunt about things she didn't like about any home we looked at. This is what you want when buying a home! She also went out of her way to make meetings and showing homes possible. Thanks to her we were able to find a home that we fell in love with.

Bill & Carol Shaulis

It is with pleasure that I recommend Veronica Barash. Her intelligence, work ethic, and professionalism are the key to the successful sale of our home. Her delightful personality, while perhaps not essential for business, really helped ease a complex and emotional process.
One more note: Veronica seems to have a natural talent for photography. The photos of our house really presented it well. Now that so much preliminary work by buyers in done online, this artistic ability is a great asset.

Duane & Jody Szareck

I have numerous real estate broker clients and chose Veronica. She exceeded our expectations.

Alex Vilchenko

Veronika is a very professional Agent, she has a deep knowledge of the different areas and home prices in Metro Atlanta area, also she did a great job helping us negotiating the price for the home we bought. She was guiding us all the way from signing the contract to the closing and helping us with an insurance, mortgage process. I would strongly recommend to all my friends using her services.

Larry Potter

Veronika displays a tremendous amount of concern for the client. Its as if she was purchasing the home for herself. I felt supreme confidence in the handling of every aspect in acquiring my new home. She is professional, courteous, and assures you understand every step you are about to undertake. I would recommend her to anyone who I know is thinking about purchasing a home. 

Loretta Potter

Veronika cares about her clients and it is shown through her work ethic that she wants the best for them. She came highly recommended through a friend of mine and she without a doubt, exceeded all of my parent's expectations, as well as mine. Veronika not only does her job effectively, but she educates you as well so you can understand. I would highly recommend her whether you're selling or buying. She is the epitome of a hard worker who will get the job done. I promise whoever has the pleasure of working with her, you will be 100% satisfied!

Andrew & Beth Barak

Veronica was so patient with us, deciding where to be,she became like family to us.She answered all questions before they were asked and left no stone unturned.When we sell, she will be our agent.

Semyon Pashayev

Moving to States from another country we agreed to bet on working with someone speaking our native language, someone we'd be able communicate freely, avoiding misunderstanding and getting answers to our concerns, not just questions. We've found Veronika's name on Trulia, spoke to her, noticed her honesty and down to business approach and decided that we'd be able to start working with her, 
buying or renting our first place in Atlanta. It was obvious after just couple of very busy days that our bet was the winning one, not only we were welcomed and treated "royally", we've discovered that Veronika is the whole package deal with plenty of contacts, names and vast experience. We were very complicated customers as it turned out; picky, somewhat ignorant of Georgia real estate realities...

Lee Tanenbaum

 "Thanks so much for your expertise and assistance in finding this house and getting my Roswell home sold so quickly. Much thanks!"

Sean Barak

I have never worked with a more informed real estate agent than Veronika Barash. She is always looking out for the the best interest of the people she represents. I will continue to work with Veronika for all future real estate ventures as well as recommend her to my friends and family. She truly is fantastic! 

Trisha Thorne

 Veronika went above and beyond to make sure we found the right house for our family. Her professionalism and care exceeded our expectations. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an agent.

Jose Barbosa

Veronika helped us a couple of times in the past when we were renting, always showing a lot of patience on our decision process. When the time came for us to buy she did a fantastic job in helping to find and select a house, negotiate with the seller and help on all paperwork process.

Mario Anastaisa

Veronika Barash is an excellent realtor. I have known here to negotiate for her buyers as if she were buying the home for herself. I would use Veronikas services anytime there is a need to find or buy a home.

Sharon Wright

Veronika was extremely patient and considerate during my search for a home. Veronika is a professional, very knowledgeable and knows the Real Estate business etc. inside and out, On scale of 1 to 10, Veronika is a 10 ( the best in the business).

Eugene Stepanov

Very experienced agent! Recommend very much! Has experience working with new construction and residential real estate in Metro Atlanta GA.

Trish Unverferth

I knew Veronika from playing tennis at Martin's Landing, so I thought of her when it came time to sell my home to relocate out of state. Veronika was wonderful to work with. She had great advice every step of the way and made the process as smooth as possible. She is very knowledgeable about the area and skilled in showing the best side of your home to potential buyers. She has great photography skills and makes a very nice booklet showcasing your home. Veronika is very attentive, no nonsense, and was always on top of the sale, making us feel reassured when we had to move out of state before we sold our house. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking to buy or sell in the Roswell/Martin's Landing's area.

Emmanuel Bidegain

We met Veronika at an open house in Roswell. We lived in Sandy Springs at the time and were looking for homes around the Perimeter Mall area. Veronika understood and knew exactly the type of home we were looking for from the beginning. She accompanied us to visit 15 homes in the area until we found the right one for us. We were under some pressure to find a home within one month's time, and Veronika was a big help when it came down to the negotiations, inspections, and help with the financing. We were on the verge of buying a home that we really didn't love, but Veronika told us to think twice about it and reconsider. Her greatest advise was to tell us to buy a home based on our feeling about the house and not just about buying a home where "we were getting our money's worth." We ended up finding the home we are in today and we are very grateful to Veronika that we did not buy the other home. We are very happy in our home today! Thanks Veronika!

Petra Orquiola

 Veronika is very responsive and helpful in the sale preparation process. She helped us to put the house in the best condition to sell while considering our time table and funds available. The house sold in 11 days without a hitch in the process. She recommended several contractors from her network for any repairs we needed to make and also to help us with the move. They all worked out great. Thank you, Veronika!